Interview and Few Monetization Questions With Blazerwap Founder

Interview and Few Monetization Questions With Blazerwap  CEO

Q: Can you tell the readers your name?
My name is Precious Agbontan.

Q: When did you started blogging?
I started blogging from June 1st 2016.

Q: Can you tell us why you started blogging?
I started blogging just because I have passion for it.

Q: On your quest to become a top class blogger, what are the challenges you faced?
I have faced so many challenges especially from my audience and the
challenges are insults, negative comments which are always unbearable

Q: How did you go about the challenges?
Sometimes I ignore them but when it becomes too much, I always go the negative part with them too.

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Q: Which advertising type do you think is the best?
Cost Per Click (e.g AdSense).

Q: People complain a lot about AdSense banning it’s publishers, have you experienced that before too?

Yea I have experienced it and I will say appealing will solve the problem if there is.

Q: Do you think the site platform / hosting provider can affect the revenue?
No it can’t because Google is one of the most visited website in the
whole world and with many trustee so I don’t think that will really
affect the revenue.

Q: How can AdSense publishers easily solve low CPC problem?
All I have to say is for them to have Traffics and then, set their
adsense properly on their web page especially where there are quality

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Q: How can AdSense publishers prevent their accounts from suspending, disabling and click bombing?
They should avoid copy and paste, they should not accidentally click
their ad or better still, use ad blocker on their browser and they
should not just break any of the adsense Policy.

Q: Do you have any word of encouragement or advice for fellow bloggers?

I will advice them to never give up for whatever life might throw to them when blogging.

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