5 Minutes With Danzeevibes CEO

5 Minutes With Danzeevibes CEO
Q: Can you tell us your full name?
Daniel Ayomide Enwefah
Q: When have you started blogging?
I started blogging March 2016
Q: How did you got into blogging? What motivated you?
Well, I actually wanted to learn HTML language precisely let’s just say programming. So everything just turned around.
Q: What are the challenges you faced and how did you overcome them?
Lack of capital is the main challenge, I didn’t know much about blogging and while I was seeking help online, I Was even scammed.
But now that is just a story.
In terms of data plan, Nigeria has a very expensive . Luckily, night plans came to rescue but currently I use spectranet
In terms of not knowing anything I learnt them myself
Challenged myself
Q: Which monetization methods do you currently use?
Adsense, affiliate marketing and promotion.
Q: Which monetization method is the best?
I will say Adsense is one of the best but not the best
Affiliate marketing and promotions pays faster.
Q: What blogs do you follow?
Google is what I follow
Q:How many hours do you spend on seo, marketing and Social media?
About 3 hours daily
Q: Your advice for bloggers?
They should keep doing what they are doing
And don’t give up
If they don’t know something should ask for help
And don’t feel high
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