Freelancing Questions with Aderoju Olaitan

Q: Good day Sir, can You tell the audience your name?
Aderoju Olaitan: My names are Aderoju Olaitan Habeeb
Q: For How Long Have You Been a Freelancer?
Aderoju Olaitan: Over 2 years now

Q: What are the challenges you faced and facing been a freenlancer?
Aderoju Olaitan: Time and facilities management was a setback for me when I was a newbie to freelancing , I waste my time a lot, I was never serious, I play with with everything I do then, I never managed my time to produce the best our of it. That doesn’t mean I wasn’t productive then, it was just low. Also, current one I am facing now is capital.

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Q: How did you become a freelancer?
Aderoju Olaitan: I saw someone doing it and I love it so I decide to try It too and I love what am doing ?.
Q: Do you think feelancing can improve the world in the future?
Aderoju Olaitan: Freelancing can save the world if we recognize and celebrates those that bring and dedicate their time to freelancing and writing something meaningful and creative.

Q: What does it takes to be a freelancer?
Aderoju Olaitan:

The freedom and flexibility of full-time freelancing are huge draws for people who choose this career path, but these benefits also come with downsides. There are a few challenges that any potential freelancer should be prepared to face.
Costs of building a business
When you become a professional freelancer, you’re actually starting your own one-person business.
Time management
While you can certainly save money by taking care of certain business tasks yourself, doing so sucks up valuable time that could be better spent working and earning money.
Other employment-related costs
Many new freelancers celebrate their first check from a client. Unlike an employer paycheck, freelance payments arrive without any taxes deducted, so it’s easy to spend your hard-earned cash once it arrives.

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