Alpha_Squad: 10 Reasons To Guest Post

What is Guest Posting?

Guest posting” simply means writing and publishing anb article on someone else’s website or blog for for some purposes commonly Back link and Traffic. Meanwhile, while planning to write and guest post an article on a blog or website, you must make sure the site is related to yours in terms of existing contents (niche). 

NOTE: Sponsored post is totally different from guest post.


10 Reasons To Guest Post

Guest Posting

We’ll assume you want to guest post and you’ll like to accept guest post to your blog  or website too. Before you can involve yourself in guest posting, you must bear in mind what guest posting will yield otherwise there is no point in guest posting. Here are the 10 major reasons to Guest Post:

  1. Exposure.
  2. Search Engines Friendly.
  3. Learn More.
  4. You’ll get a back link to your blog in return which means part of traffic on the blog you guest posted on will be shared to your blog.
  5. High Page Rank.
  6. Meet new People.
  7. Blog Branding.
  8. It is completely free.
  9. Recommendations
  10. More traffic means more earnings.
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Here are the 10 major reason to Guest post.

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