10 Minutes with Horlartechgist CEO

10 Minutes with Horlartechgist CEO
Q: Can you tell us your name
Obalola Temidayo Olamide
Q:When did you started blogging?
 I started blogging 7th june, 2016
Q: Why did you started blogging?
I started blogging because the first whatsapp group I stumbled upon consist of  bloggers, which inspired me also to be one.
Some other people too inspired me. The likes of Linda Ikeji and makinde Azeez even I am a tech blogger
Only one supported me which is the ceo of
Q: What are the major challenges you face?

The challenges I faced when I started blogging is the money to get a custom paid domain for my blog.
It was a challenge because I was too young to get the money.
Fortunately for me a I later got a domain which 4 months old this month.
After getting a domain, the problem I faced was the monetization aspects. 
Q: Mr. Olamide, there are thousands of blogs online, how did yours noticed?
My traffic are mainly from paid traffic and Google. Well I don’t even know if Google has my site in its index but I know I get traffic from Google and some paid sites
Q: How many hours do you spend online daily?

Online? Generally I will say 20hours. There are some other things I do when I’m offline.
Q: Do you do your seo / marketing / writing posts yourself or hire professionals?
Yes I do my blogging stuffs myself. I don’t hire people.
Q: Do you have any advice for fellow bloggers?
My advice for fellow bloggers is to continue their blogging career if they are facing any difficulties.
I say this because some bloggers will quit blogging because they aren’t earning from their blog which is bad.
A friend of mine did so but I couldn’t advice him again because he has handed over his blog to a person who will succeed with it.
Q: Can you drop your contact information?
Facebook : Obalola Temidayo Olamide
Facebook url :
Twitter :
Pinterest :
Google + :
Q: Which blogs do you follow? is my choice
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