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Today, we interviewed one of the best upcoming entertainment bloggers in Nigeria popularly known as Osha Shey Opetie on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. Briefly, after the interview, we were able to gather the question and answers the wonderful blogger gave us and share it here for others to see:

Q: We know you to be a blogger, can you tell us more about yourself, Sir

Samuel: Good Day Sir and fellow readers, My name is Samuel Oluwadare, I am Christian by religion. I am from Yagba East, Kogi State, Nigeria.  Presently am running National diplomat here in Kogi State. I started blogging late last year, 2016. That was around November.

Q: Why did you go into blogging? What motivates you?

Samuel:  Hmm, I never knew anything about blogging, a friend of mine introduced me to it although I love the internet, lol. When I say I love the internet, I spend almost all my time online: Reading news, downloading latest music and some other interesting kinds of stuff.  Well, when I was doing that I always ask myself? How are these webmasters able to do it… like the news, the video I download from those sites.

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With those things.. I aspire to own a blog also one day.  But honestly, I love trending things. So when my friend Mattjoe told me I can have my own blog. Wow, I embrace it with both hands. That was how I started my own blog.

Q: Like you said earlier, you’re currently in school and still run a blog. How do you manage to do the two together?

Samuel: The Passion,  Passion is Life  I run the both, but it not easy.. Because the most time I ought to be updating my blog but I will be in the lecture room or even in the tutorial, but yet I still find time to post trending stuff on my blog. On a daily basis, I post at least. 5 fresh article.

Q: That’s interesting. Can you advise people to engage in both blogging and school simultaneously?

Samuel: Yes, why not..though it isn’t an easy task. But if one knows his or target, and the passion is still intact, one can carry the both along, I mean blogging and schooling.

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Q: What are the challenges you face as a blogger?

Samuel: A lot of challenge, one is Power problem (electricity) – In Nigeria ?? here, we all know power supply is never constant even when our alaye (leaders) promises 24hr stable light ?
Second challenge: Network problem, aLot of network are not reliable, they are very slow when you need the network for important things, like making research, uploading of a heavy file. I pray those network company will help with the price of their data, the allocated size of the data, and the connection speed.

Q: How about making money? Can someone actually make enough money blogging?

Samuel: Yes, a huge amount of money when playing smart and work hard.Like every other every business, it takes the gradual process for one to succeed. Even Yahoo boys that are chaching don’t sleep all night. Which means one can’t making money without struggling..
A lot of bloggers earn more than some office workers. One can make money while sleeping through blogging. But such blogger must have made his or her blog know to the world, just as everybody knows Wizkid, Olamide, Davido. They all start from somewhere before getting know by the world.? In Yoruba, ẹni tó bá ṣe iṣẹ́, lọ ma jeun meaning No work, no food… I rest my case

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Q: Do you have any advice for the readers?

Samuel: I will urge Reader to start making research on how to make money online. Hmm there are a lot of way of making money online example are affiliate, selling of your idea (ebook), etc

Q: Before you leave the show, tell us your favorite blogs?

Samuel: Entertainment, Tech also cause they have impact in my blogging journey,,,,

Q: Your contact information Sir

Mobile No:  08184995103


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