NETWonks: Having a Headstart With An Online Directory

An online directory can either be a website or printed listing of information which contains all information about a specific business or brand. An online directory often categorize listings either by type, business, location, activity, or size.

How Are Listings Compiled?

Since an online directory contains listings of a specific business or brand which takes quite a long time to achieve, then how are the lists compiled?

1. Manually
This method, the Founder of the directory website might have to message businesses or brands and ask for their information directly or the Founder will enable users  to create listings for themselves e.g

2. Use of Search Engines

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This is more or less like the manual method but the only differences is that there is no prior business or brand owner’s consent of the listings because it is archived by use of search Engines to get enough informations.

10 Reasons To Include Your Business or Brand In An Online Directory

There are tons of pros you enjoy when your websites or blogs are listed in an online directory like NETWonks but we will enumerate just 10.
  1. Influencers will take it as a recommendation.
  2. You’ve someone else working for you.
  3. Exposure (meet people running the same website or blog as yours).
  4. It is 100% free. Featured listing just for some extra cash.
  5. Back-link and online social presence.
  6. Guest posts, sponsored posts, Quiz and Contests,  hiring, etc
  7. You get your website’s or blog’s headlines on our feeds aggregating website (RSS Only).
  8. Active Chat Groups.
  9. Rating system (when a listing on NETWonks receives 3 Negative reviews, it is automatically deleted to prevent the directory from SPAM).
  10. Active support ( @aust-jacobite @admin.
Other benefit includes RepostHub.


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