Meet Thembi Terry Founder of

Meet Thembi Terry Founder of

Q: Can you tell us some basic information about yourself?

My name is Thembi Terry Zulu, I’m a Zimbabwean female blogger. I blog about my personal experiences and my opinions on life as a young woman in Zimbabwe. I studied Journalism and Media studies which is where I started blogging. I am a creative person with several artistic abilities. I can do almost anything artistic except singing. I really can’t sing.

Q: When did you start blogging and what pushed you into blogging: 

I started in 2014, I started blogging as part of a New Media course module. Stuck with it ever since. I enjoyed writing and I realized that I had plenty to say. People really took to it and started demanding more than I expected. At school I was only meant to blog once a week and now demand for content was outweighing the supply. I then abandoned the blog that my lecturers were on and started The Complicatxn.

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Q: What are the challenges you faced/facing as a blogger: 

Internet access is the major one. Not just for me to research and put together my blogs but also for my readers to get online and pick up what I’m putting down. This has led to most of my readers being from outside Zimbabwe which is a pity. It also results in my blog reaching out to the same audience. Time to blog and publicize the content is also hard to come by. I usually draft my blog posts as a WhatsApp message and then I copy and paste to the actual blog when I can. Publicising a blog is a time consuming process. I envy those that have mastered the skill of automation.

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Q: What information do you collect from your users?

Email addresses usually. They aren’t coming in as plenty as I would like them to but soon I’ll start putting out a newsletter when the audience is healthier. All the other information that I need from my readers I just use analytical tools to obtain.

Q: How do you collect them / Make use of them? 

MailChimp tab on my Facebook page and Subscription widget on the actual blog. I don’t use them yet.

Q: Which blogs do you visit often and who are your role model? 

Sisi Yemmie of is my blogging role model and celebrity blogger Makho Ndlovu of Both women really take their craft seriously and you can tell that they are passionate about what they do and they always deliver. I’d like to reach that level but the way my time is set up, I can only try.

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Q: Your advice to everyone reading ?

Stick with it. Always do it for yourself. Don’t get distracted by stats. Stay true to your own voice. Don’t put yourself under unnecessary pressure. There is no right or wrong way to express yourself!

Q: Contact information 

Twitter: @ThembiTerry
Instagram: @ThembiTerryZulu

Facebook: Thembi Terry Blog



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